H03 - 
Documenting the Revolution: Boston and the War for Independence
  We all teach the broad strokes of the Revolution, but how do we dig deeper and find out how Bostonians really experienced the War for Independence? Using primary sources including letters, diaries, newspapers, artwork, and artifacts, this two-day seminar will provide a glimpse into the challenges and difficult choices facing Bostonians during the lead-up to war and the Revolution. Through newspapers, broadsides, and pamphlets, we will examine the role of propaganda in recruiting volunteers, encouraging boycotts and rebellion, and forming a new American identity. We will explore the writings of women like Mercy Otis Warren, Abigail Adams, Deborah Sampson, and Mary Robie to learn about women's experiences on different sides of the conflict. Using models for exploring material culture in the classroom, we will also discuss how portraits, artifacts, songs, and other forms of art created during the era of the American Revolution can help students engage with history. Lastly, we will consider how the legacy of the Revolution still plays a role in our sense of American history and identity today.
Massachusetts Historical Society
11/8/2019, 11/14/2019