A06 - 
Bob Dylan: A Twofer
  In the MORNING we will examine the many voices of Bob Dylan. Though Bob Dylan was dubbed "the voice of a generation," a title he never accepted, people often believe his words are more important than his voice. We will take on this popular understanding and explore the expert and deliberate ways in which Dylan uses his voice to express a slew of emotions, jokes, and social commentary. And we will discuss the protean career changes during which Dylan has encompassed entire areas of artistic styles, and refracted them in ways no one else could have imagined. Through this, we will discover that Dylan has not only been a pioneer, but in some cases the inventor of now-familiar styles of American popular music.----In the AFTERNOON we will link Dylan's later works to his long, haunting engagement with early classical poets. We will explore how Dylan's work transfigures Western literature and history into a magical world of song and performance that links him directly to and echoes the great Greek and Roman poet-performers--Homer, Virgil, Horace, Catallus and Ovid--whose voices are heard throughout Dylan's lyrics. We will hear in Dylan's poems the voices and music of these great ancient poets and show how poems listen to and hear and speak to other poems through all time.
Harvard University-Rosovsky Hall