Victor Coelho
  VICTOR COELHO is Professor of Music in the Dept. of Musicology and Ethnomusicology and Director of the Center for Early Music Studies at Boston University. A musicologist and performer on lute and guitar, he works primarily in the areas of Renaissance music and popular culture, with a particular interest in interdisciplinary approaches global perspectives, music and culture, African-American music, rock history, blues, improvisation, and performance issues. His books include Instrumentalists and Renaissance Culture,1420-1600 (with Keith Polk)(Cambridge), Music and Science in the Age of Galileo (Kluwer), Performance on Lute, Guitar, and Vihuela (Cambridge), The Cambridge Companion to the Guitar, and the recently published Cambridge Companion to the Rolling Stones (ed. with John Covach).
  Will be teaching:
    An Urban American Musical Literature: Studying, Hearing, and Questioning Rap