Richard Thomas
  RICHARD THOMAS is the George Martin Lane Professor of the Classics at Harvard University. His publications include a two-volume text and commentary on Virgil's Georgics (Cambridge 1988); a collection of his articles on the subject of Virgilian intertextuality, "Reading Virgil and his Texts" (Michigan 1999); a study of the ideological reception of Virgil from its beginnings through the twentieth century, "Virgil and the Augustan Reception" (Cambridge 2001) and "Why Bob Dylan Matters" (Dey Street Books 2017). He also co-edited and contributed to Widener Library: "Voices from the Stacks", a special issue of Harvard Library Bulletin (Cambridge, MA 1996). He has published articles, notes and reviews on Hellenistic Greek poetry, on Roman poetry, particularly of the Republican and Augustan periods, on Tacitus, on the reception of Classical literature, and on the lyrics of Bob Dylan.
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    Why Bob Dylan Matters