Christine Miller & Anita Remig
  ANITA REMIG, Ed.D. is a practicing, licensed psychologist specializing in psychotherapy with individuals across the age span. She has been in practice for over 30 years and her subspecialty areas include treating ADHD, Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Depression/Anxiety. Her interest in teaching led to university positions as an instructor in Human Development, Physiological Psychology, Health Psychology and Educational Psychology. In Professional Development at UNH, Dr. Remig teaches day-long seminars on ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism, Bipolar Disorder and Brain Development. She wrote and teaches the core seminars for the Coaching Children and Teens Certificate and the Coaching Children and Teens with ADHD Certificate. She is now coordinating The Coaching Children and Teens with Drug and Alcohol Problems Certificate Program. CHRISTINE MILLER, Ed.M., LCMHC, is a psychotherapist in Bedford, NH. She is a clinician with 35 years of experience in treating women and adolescents in varied settings. She specializes in integrating therapeutic tools, tailoring them to the individual and providing short term, focused and brief psychotherapy. She is a professor in the Graduate Program in Counselor Education at Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH. She teaches the Biological Basis of Behavior and Psychopharmacology.
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