Laura Prieto
  LAURA R. PRIET0 (Simmons College) has a B.A. from Wellesley College and a Masters and Ph.D. in History from Brown University. She was a New England Board of Higher Education Compact for Faculty Diversity fellow in 1996-1997 hosted by Bridgewater State College. She then joined the faculty at Simmons College with a joint appointment in History and Women's Studies (Assistant Professor, 1997-2003; Associate Professor 2003-present). She teaches a wide range of courses in American history, gender history, and methodology. Harvard University Press published her book, "At Home in the Studio: The Professionalization of Women Artists in America", in 2001. Other recent scholarship includes an essay and edited group of documents on nineteenth-century women sculptors, abolition, and women's rights for the online collection "Women and Social Movements in the United States." She contributed a chapter on American women missionaries in the Philippines to the new anthology "Competing Kingdoms: Women, Nation, Mission and American Empire" (Duke University Press, 2010). She has reviewed many books and worked as a freelance editor, copy writer, and researcher. Her ongoing research concerns gender, race, and imperialism in the era of the Spanish-American War. For ten years, she directed the graduate program in History at Simmons and co-directed the MA/MS program in Archives and History with the Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science. She was President of the New England Historical Association in 2009-2010 and continues to serve on the NEHA executive board. She has been awarded the Ruth R. and Alyson R. Miller Fellowship by the Massachusetts Historical Society for 2010-2011. She lives in Rhode Island with her family, about a mile away from the birthplace of New England industrialization, Slater Mill.
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