Susan Mizruchi
  SUSAN MIZRUCHI, is William Arrowsmith Professor in the Humanities and Director of the Humanities Center at Boston University. She is the author of a biography of Marlon Brando, "Brando's Smile: His Life, Thought, and Work", 2014, Norton. Her other books include: "The Power of Historical Knowledge", 1988, Princeton; "The Science of Sacrifice", 1998, Princeton; "Becoming Multicultural", 2005, Cambridge; "The Rise of Multicultural America", 2008 University of North Carolina; and she has edited, Religion and Cultural Studies, 2001, Princeton. She has published articles on "Risk Theory and the Contemporary American Novel" (2010); "Canons for the Study of Religion and Literature," (2009); "Lolita' in History" (2003) and "The School of Martyrdom: Culture and Class in 'Catcher in the Rye." Her teaching has ranged from courses on Henry James and Renaissance Love Poetry to courses on Representing Gender in Literature and Film and 1950's America.
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