Sol Gittleman
  SOL GITTLEMAN is the Alice and Nathan Gantcher University Professor at Tufts University. His expertise is in German, Judaic Studies and American Baseball History. He has been awarded Fulbright scholarships and the Harbison Prize for Teaching. In 2001 Professor Gittleman, after 21 years of service, stepped down from his position as Provost and Senior Vice President at Tufts. He has detailed the history of Tufts in his book, The Entrepreneurial University: The Transformation Of Tufts, 1976-2002. He is a card carrying member of the Society for American Baseball Research and fully understands the unique role the Red Sox play for their fans across the country. On August 23, 2002 he was honored by the Red Sox and threw out the first pitch to open the ballgame (a strike, of course).
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