S02 - 
The Culture of Science and Science as Culture
  What is science? In the classroom, science is often presented as a body of knowledge filled with facts, laws, and theories. In this model, students are assessed by how well they have memorized, learned, and are able to apply this scientific content. Yet missing from this understanding of science is the culture of science: how it operates internally, interacts with society, and ends up creating knowledge. In this two-day seminar we will read from case studies in the history and sociology of science such as nuclear physics, immunizations, and ecology, among others, to explore how politics, social movements, and power have shaped and continue to shape science as much, if not more, than "nature itself." Through these examples, we will explore relationships between science and society and begin to develop a cultural model of science that views scientific knowledge as slippery, contested, and informed by power structures. Through readings of primary and secondary sources, participants will begin to reframe what science is.
Harvard University-Rosovsky Hall
2/2/2021, 2/9/2021