H18 - 
The Spanish Incubator
  From its role as the crucible of the international avant-garde, to its genesis of political art and writing, to its Civil War that ignited the artistic passion of authors around the world, to the exuberant liberation after 40 years of dictatorship, Spain deeply influenced our understanding of contemporary culture. Films, poetry and essays will shape our understanding of the full context in which today's vibrant Spanish democracy and internationally acclaimed artistic production emerged. This seminar is offered in English, however the poetry will be read in a bilingual anthology that allows participants to read poems in the original Spanish. Essays and chapters of books will be read in the language in which they were written: Orwell in English, Ibáñez Martín in Spanish (with English translation provided.) Each day will focus on specific time periods: Day 1: the avant-garde: poetry, film, surrealism and the emergence of engage literature as a response to the rise of Fascism in Europe Day 2: The poetry of repression and exile, Post-Franco Spain: and changes in the church, education, literature and film.
Harvard University-Rosovsky Hall
3/2/2021, 3/16/2021