H09 - 
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers
  The first four books of the Bible are central texts in three religious traditions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. But they are also deservedly at the center of many literary traditions as well. In this seminar we will explore the reasons for this second, but not necessarily secondary, place of these books, in part by asking difficult questions of intent. Was the book intended as a religious handbook, a story of national origin, a tale about the human condition, or all of the above? By focusing on the narrative portions of these books and by attending closely to texture and structure of this extended story, we will attempt to extract it from any pre-existent paradigm and look at what it is actually doing, what claims it is making for itself, and what it wants from us. We will, in essence, attempt to interpret it in order to rescue it from its interpreters.
3/5/2021, 3/12/2021