H10 - 
Whats the Story?
  This three-day seminar is a creative writing workshop for teachers in all disciplines. You need have no experience as a fiction writer. The spirit of this workshop is to learn to identify and to love limits-the choices, conventions, and techniques that define and distinguish a genuinely original story. We will read and discuss short stories by established writers, but most of our time will be devoted to writing and analyzing our own original narratives. All participants will write several very short stories of 50 to 250 words. These will be based on scenarios and limits we develop collaboratively, and we will read each other's work to understand how writers invent dramatically different solutions to a single problem. Participants will also have the opportunity to write longer works or to submit draft pages of stories on which they have worked previously. We hope to refresh our approach to the aesthetic, moral, and political elements that inform all stories.
Harvard University-Rosovsky Hall
1/22/2021, 1/29/2021, 2/5/2021