H06 - 
Women in the Modern Muslim World
  Our two-day seminar explores the lives of women in Modern Islamic societies. The course starts with a brief overview of the founding of Islam in 610 and its rapid rise, with specific focus on the religion's relation to women and gender. We then examine the roles and status of women in the Islamic world today. We explore the ways in which Islam (particularly, the trend toward fundamentalism) shapes and reflects the lives of women and how women react to this trend. We'll assess the possibilities and the problems for women that emerged during the Arab Spring and continue to today. Our analyses of sources include screening of documentaries and feature films; readings of history, the Qur'an and other prescriptive texts, and especially memoirs (in order to privilege the voices of Muslim women); and discussion.
Harvard University-Rosovsky Hall
1/11/2021, 1/28/2021