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Legacies of 1620 and the Mayflower: Native Americans in New England
  The story of the Mayflower and the creation of Plymouth Colony in 1620 maintains a strong hold on the American imagination and popular culture. America's founding myth depicts the establishment of the Puritan settlement, celebrated at Thanksgiving, as the point of origin of the country. The history of the indigenous peoples on whose lands the English moved are too often a marginal or a neglected part of the founding myth and America. This seminar will not attempt to provide a comprehensive history. Rather, by focusing on a of New England few select case studies, historic sketches, and biographies from throughout New England, we will explore the complex story of Native Americans in the region. We will pay close attention how the experience of indigenous peoples is representative of other regions in the United States, but also how New England had divergent developments. While this seminar will not turn a blind eye to the impact that colonization, disease, dispossession, and racism had on the lives of indigenous peoples in New England, it will also emphasize Native American resistance, adaptation, and survival under often harsh and unfavorable circumstances.