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African-Americans, Civil Rights, and the Rise of the Warrior Cop
  On 25 May 2020, Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee into the neck of George Floyd for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, killing Floyd. In the wake of Floyd's murder, and the many deaths of African-Americans in police custody over the past decade, the Black Lives Matter movement and in turn American society more broadly has focused its attention on police tactics, training, and personnel. Chauvin is not a lone, bad apple - rather, he is symbolic of a major shift in American policing that started some 50 years ago or so and has accelerated over the past 3 decades resulting in the rise of the warrior cop. Our scope will extend beyond metropolitan centers into rural areas, to explore the contributing factors that have led to the militarizing of America's policing and the perpetuation of a corrupted law enforcement's lethal consequences to Black lives
2/23/2021, 3/2/2021