A08 - 
The Art and Culture of Ancient Egypt and Nubia at the Museum of Fine Arts
  On the first day of this two-day seminar we will focus on the extraordinary Egyptian collection at the Museum of Fine Arts. Egyptian pyramids, temples, colossal statuary - and of course mummies - are a source of fascination to us, as they have been for millennia. What makes Egyptian art Egyptian? Why did the Egyptians choose to represent themselves the way they did? How did that change over the 3,000 years of Egyptian hegemony? Or did it? These are a few of the questions we will explore in our time together On the second day we will explore the ancient Nubian civilization--an area extending from Khartoum in Sudan north to Aswan in Egypt. It was home to ancient cultures lasting over 6,000 years who built more pyramids than the Egyptians. Yet, because of the difficulty of access, among other things, Nubian civilization, its monuments, and its contributions to world culture have, until recently, been largely ignored. Together we will rediscover Nubia's sophisticated art and culture in its historical context and explore its relevance today. **If social distancing is still in effect, this will be a limited enrollment seminar. If the coronavirus makes bringing teachers together unsafe, we will explore an online experience.
Museum of Fine Arts
3/10/2021, 3/17/2021