A06 - 
Fearless Teaching: Theatrical Techniques for Dialogue and Community
  Is your classroom a community? What does it mean to build community? What is the value of a community-based classroom? How can we be fearless in our teaching and ask our students to be fearless in their learning? In this two-day seminar, we will put into practice concrete theatrical tools and skills for building a community for effective and brave teaching, learning, and communication. This is an on-your-feet, playful workshop - with each exercise we will discuss purpose and implementation for a variety of educational contexts. We will discuss what gets in the way of us having as much fun as we can in our teaching, what makes us fearful in our work, and how these theatrical tools can help to set us free in our work with our students.
Harvard University-Rosovsky Hall
3/12/2021, 3/19/2021