A01 - 
Sketchbook Journaling: A Way to Learn, Remember, Express and Play
  We know that drawing and writing helps us to remember and process information. It is also a meaningful way to record ideas, feelings, people and places. Using a variety of watercolor techniques, pens, markers, we'll use our 3 days together to discover ways of sketching and journaling that can help bring meaning to our daily lives and discover new parts of our creativity. Whether you consider yourself artistic or not, this is for everyone to discover ways of mark making and recording that can become a lifelong skill and one that can also help your students learn in new ways. Part of our seminar will be indoors, learning techniques (basic drawing, perspective, color mixing, journaling styles, mixed media) and part will be outside drawing from observation, whether people, architecture or the plants you see around you. Watercolor kits will be supplied as well as journals/pencils.
3/23/2021, 4/6/2021