INT06 - 
Mindfulness in the Classroom
  In this two-day seminar we will explore and apply some of the important ideas behind bringing a more mindful reflection into the classroom. We will focus on the core constructs behind cognitive flexibility, the psychology of possibility, and the health benefits of mindful living. Among the key ideas to be explored is how we can be more mindful ourselves and how we can help our students embrace uncertainty and see possibility. We will learn a bit about what the research has taught us focusing primarily on the work of Harvard University Professor Ellen Langer, the "mother of mindfulness", and how we can apply that to our lives and our teaching. We'll look at some of the work in my lab at Harvard and participants will also work individually and collectively to come up with ideas for use in the classrooms from K-12.
Harvard University-Rosovsky Hall
2/5/2020, 2/12/2020