M03 - 
ALZEBRA (and other fun things you get from tweaking Algebra)
  As all future math courses require a solid comfort and skill in algebra, frequently introductory courses focus on building proficiency and, since there are only so many instructional hours, this can be at the cost of highlighting the beauty of the subject and the wealth of the problems it can attack. In this two-day class we'll see some of the wealth of ideas and applications of the subject, with an emphasis on exposition through games to create modules to use in classes. Topics include non-constructive winning strategies in games (imagine telling your favorite presidential candidate you can prove they can get 270 electoral votes, but have no idea how to do it!), Babylonian mathematics and the power of look-up tables (why our mobile devices are so fast), cryptography and data security, and how the Fibonacci numbers can save you from losing millions in Las Vegas!
Harvard University-Rosovsky Hall
3/18/2020, 4/1/2020