M02 - 
The Mathematics of Electoral Fairness, Gerrymandering and Power Politics
  What do the mathematical subject areas of geometry, statistics, combinatorics, number theory and topology all have in common? All of them come into play when institutions try to implement or outlaw gerrymandering, the practice of designing voting districts for political advantage. In this course we will examine the mathematical tools used to measure the fairness and consistency of voting districts. In this two-day class we will also look at how political bodies, both legislative and judicial, either use or resist these measures. Plenty of hands-on examples will provide teachers with small examples that young students can do by hand, and also introduce software tools teachers can use with more advanced students. NOTE: This course will overlap a little bit (about 20%) with "Mathematics and Social Choice," Prof. Cleary's previous course offered in 2016 and 2017. There is plenty of new material so that teachers should feel comfortable taking both.
Harvard University-Rosovsky Hall
3/19/2020, 3/26/2020