H07 - 
Carrying a Ladder: Women's Voices in Contemporary American Poetry
  "We are always / really carrying / a ladder," writes Kay Ryan, "but it's invisible. / We only know / something's / the matter...." In this two-day class, we will read and discuss a wide-ranging selection of contemporary American poetry written by women. We'll explicate these poets' complex and diverse strategies for cultivating voice on the page, paying specific attention to how poems might nod to or integrate sources and snippets from other genres and disciplines. We'll read poets who traffic in the straightforward alongside poets who skirt the edges of their subjects. We'll find meaning in the median and in the margins, and we'll challenge and deepen our understandings of how women poets writing today utilize a broad array of material to develop, complicate, and refine their own unique poetic projects and personas.
Harvard University-Rosovsky Hall
1/8/2020, 1/17/2020