H09 - 
You Can't Be Serious: The Art of Comedy
  April might be the cruelest month, but March, as every teacher knows, is the most miserable month of the year--and if we're going to make it to June then we better find ways to laugh. In this two-day seminar, we will study various frameworks of psychologists who have tried to "crack the humor code." By looking closely at theories and techniques, we will examine the anatomy of successful jokes, the edgy genius of Key and Peele and Samantha Bee, and why we laugh at the nonsensical one-liners of Steven Wright. We will also consider various forms of humor--satire and sketch, stories and stand-up--and other forms, too, that don't even begin with the letter s. Participants will also have the opportunity to write and receive feedback on their own comedic pieces. Come prepared to think, laugh and learn, and save yourself from early retirement.
Harvard University-Rosovsky Hall
3/24/2020, 3/31/2020