H01 - 
Ellis Island and the Making of Modern America
  Today, immigration has become a hot-button political issue as new immigrants from across the world are remaking American society. Historians believe that a better understanding of the historical past can help us put into context the problems of our own time. During this two-day seminar, we will look at the history of American immigration in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We will do this by focusing on the history of Ellis Island, the federal government inspection station that processed three-quarters of all immigrants who came to America during this period. In doing so, we will look at the experiences of immigrants and their reasons for leaving, the process of immigrant inspection, the attitudes of native-born Americans toward new immigrants, the evolution of American immigration laws, and the experiences of immigrants after their arrival. We will also discuss how the historical memory of sites like Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty have evolved over time.
Harvard University-Rosovsky Hall
5/13/2020, 5/20/2020