A05 - 
The Neglected Child on Film
  From Italian neorealist films to French new wave cinema to contemporary movies about children in extreme circumstances, the child on film has been a potent symbol for a wide array of cultural anxieties and social issues. Such films demonstrate the ways in which the figure of the child functions as an empty vessel into which all sorts of adult concerns have been poured. The cultural work performed by these movies transcends their immediate focus as their young protagonists allow the narrative to explore a host of topics including the social construction of childhood; the nature of the family; the meaning of home; the effects of modernity, capitalism and migration on urban life; and the responsibilities of civic societies to their neediest citizens. In this seminar, we will view, read about and discuss depictions of children in films from across the globe. We will examine the ways in which the orphans, street kids, and abandoned or neglected children in these films harbor a range of subtexts as they speak to broad transcultural ideologies and institutions.
Harvard University-Rosovsky Hall
5/8/2020, 5/14/2020