M04 - 
LQWURGXFWLRQ WR FUBSWRJUDSKB (Introduction to Cryptography)
  The ability to encode information so that only certain recipients can read it (or, conversely, to read information you are not supposed to have!) contains some of the most exciting applications of pure and applied mathematics. Since at least the time of Julius Caesar (the title to this course is encoded with the cipher he made famous), codes and ciphers have been used to protect important information. We'll discuss various cryptosystems used over the centuries, mixing history and theory. In the course of our studies we'll discuss results from number theory, group theory, graph theory and combinatorics. This seminar is most appropriate for middle school and high school math teachers, but anyone who enjoys numbers and problem solving is welcome.
Harvard University
3/20/2019, 3/27/2019