H21 - 
Integrating LGBTQ Topics, Literature and More Into Your Curriculum
  This two-day seminar will discuss how we can begin to effectively and thoughtfully integrate LGBTQ issues, stories, literature and more into our curriculum, with a focus on the ELA classroom and the school library. We will explore ways to promote gender and sexuality equity in the classroom and school space. We will start with a brief introduction to key terms and concepts surrounding gender and sexuality and then take a closer look at the way our schools are currently handling these issues. We will explore the importance of including these issues in our curriculum and classroom and we will examine Peggy McIntosh's Phase Theory as well as other critical texts that will help integrate these topics into our classrooms and schools in an organic way. We will also explore the specially LGBTQ literature written for young adults (YA) and current trends. Each participant will be expected to read a small number of core texts which we will discuss in the class and will be give resources and annotated booklists for their own professional use. We will be discussing the ways the required texts can be used in your classrooms and libraries, not their literary merit.
Harvard University
3/19/2019, 4/11/2019