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Why Bob Dylan Matters
  In this seminar, we will discuss why Bob Dylan matters-matters enough to be awarded in 2016 the Nobel Prize for Literature but, not surprisingly, a great debate raged over Dylan's award. Many celebrated, while others questioned the choice. How could the world's most prestigious book prize be awarded to a famously cantankerous singer-songwriter who wouldn't even deign to attend the medal ceremony? We will answer this question seeing Bob Dylan through his close connection in his recent output (from Time Out of Mind onward) to the greatest of our Greek and Roman poets-Homer, Virgil, Catallus, and Ovid whose voices are gloriously alive in Dylan's work.------ Mary Beard, New York Times bestselling author of "SPQR" took on the critics. "At last, Richard Thomas, an expert classicist get to grips with Bob Dylan. He takes us from Dylan's high school Latin club to his haunting engagement with Ovid and Homer in his recent albums. Thomas carefully argues that Dylan's poetry deserves comparison with Virgil's--and Thomas, senior professor of Latin at Harvard and author of some of the most influential modern studies of Virgil, should know!"
Harvard University