H12 - 
African American Literature Beyond February
  In this two-day seminar we will develop strategies for incorporating African American literature thematically into the school year curriculum to move beyond the attention to Black Literature that often occurs only during Black History month. Thematic approaches include women's rights, the celebration of blackness, and others. For example, using as our theme women's rights, we would look at a variety of primary sources: The Anti-Slavery Bugle speech (Sojourner Truth) (1851), "The Two Offers" (Harper) (1859), "I Sit and Sew" poem (Nelson) (1920), "On Being Young-a Woman-and Colored" essay (Bonner) (1925), "In Search of Our Mothers Gardens" essay (Walker) (1974), "wishes for sons" poem (Clifton) (1980), and "XXI" poem (Hemphill) (Conditions) (1986).
Harvard University
3/7/2019, 3/18/2019