H11 - 
The Opioid Crisis in America through Literature and Television: "Infinite Jest" and "Breaking Bad"
  ----One pill makes you larger/And one pill makes you small/And the ones that mother gives you/Don't do anything at all. (Go Ask Alice, Jefferson Airplane)----- Great American literature tends to focus on cultural pressure points or wounds. It provides an especially valuable repository of insight because so many major writers have been addicted to alcohol and or drugs, and written with great poignancy about the condition of dependency and about the mental transport afforded by drugs. Major American writers who suffered from addiction include: Jack Kerouac; William Burroughs; Stephen King; and David Foster Wallace. This TAS course will focus on two major examples of addiction in classic literature and TV: Realist Addiction in David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest and Contemporary Addiction in the TV Serial, Breaking Bad.
Harvard University
5/9/2019, 5/15/2019