A05 - 
The Crisis of Masculinity in Millennium-Era Films
  From the 1990s onward, the so-called "crisis of masculinity" has been discussed and debated in the popular press and among scholars. A group of serio-comic American movies in the years around the turn of the millennium joined this discussion with stories about characters who reckon with the social upheavals and shifting gender dynamics of the preceding decades. Together these tales of beset manhood marked an inflection point when American movies were coming to terms with their particular cultural moment, with second-wave feminism and with the ideological tensions and contradictions surrounding gender norms. With sly wit and dark comedy, these films revealed cracks in the consensus about what manhood is and should be. In this seminar, we will view several of those films and read about the social construction and cinematic representation of gender.
Harvard University
5/3/2019, 5/10/2019