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Help is available on the following topics

Teachers registering for the first time.
Login to the TAS members-only area.
Forgot your username or password?
Why is my account INACTIVE?
Specify your choice of TAS Seminar.
Change your password, address, email, etc.


Teachers registering for the first time

  1. Go to any computer that can access the internet and World Wide Web.

  2. Point your browser to www.teachersasscholars.org

  3. On the TAS home page, click on the text "Teachers looking to register, click here!"

  4. Select your school or district from the pull-down menu.
    If your district isn't listed, please choose "OTHER" from the pulldown menu.

  5. Enter your current email address.

  6. Enter a username you will remember.
    You can choose any username you'd like for your TAS account (provided it's available).

  7. Click on the REGISTER NOW button.
    If all went well, you will see a screen which states: TAS signup successful!

You are now an active member of Teachers as Scholars. Your username and password were sent to the email account you supplied.

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Logging in to the TAS members-only area.

  1. If you have a TAS username and password you may login
  2. Point your browser to www.teachersasscholars.org

  3. On the left-hand menu, click on the LOGIN button.

  4. Enter your username in the box provided.

  5. Enter your password in the box provided.

  6. Click on the LOGIN button below the PASSWORD box.
    If the screen refreshes with empty boxes (your username and password are gone), this means the system did not find that username and password combo. Try again. If it continues to clear, have your username and password mailed to you again.

  7. If your username and password are valid, you will see the member home page.
    If this is the first time you've logged in, you will be asked to complete your user profile. This information is used only to contact you or for aggregate program statistics. TAS treats all user information as confidential.

  8. NOTE: You should only have to login once per session. If you get the login screen more than once, there is a problem between your computer and our server. Please notify your district liaison or TAS staff.

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Forgot your username or password or need a reminder?

You may request that a reminder of your login information (username and password) be sent to your email account. To do this:

  1. Point your browser to: www.teachersasscholars.org/forgot_password.asp

  2. Enter your email address into the box.
    You must enter the email address specified in your user profile. This is the same one you used for intial TAS registration.

  3. Click on the SEND REMINDER button.

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If you login and you see ACCOUNT INACTIVE, you can no longer access the TAS member area. If you feel your account was de-activated in error, please contact your district liaison.

Usually accounts are de-activated by district administrators who monitor teachers from their districts. Accounts are sometimes de-activated if a teachers registers twice by mistake or fails to select a seminar choice.

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Specify your choice of TAS Seminar.

Once you login (and have completed your user profile) you will see the Teacher Home Page. On this page you can specify your choice of seminars.

  1. Specify your choice of seminar.
  2. Press the SAVE CHOICE button when done.
    If your seminar choice was registered, you will see a message that states "Your registration choice have been saved". When you login again, your choices will already be selected.
  3. We are now saving a seat for you in your chosen seminar. Your registration will be complete upon receipt of your seminar tuition fee.

    Make checks payable to Teachers as Scholars Inc. and mail to
    Teachers as Scholars Inc.
    PO Box 610405
    Newton, MA 02461

You will be notified via email when you select a seminar and when we receive your tuition payment.

After we receive your payment, your books and other course materials mailed to the address listed in your user profile.

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Change your password, address, email, etc.

When you first login, the system requires that you complete each field of your user profile (first and last name, address, phone, grade taught, subject taught, email, etc) You may update your profile at any time after that. To do so:

  1. Login to the TAS members-only area.

  2. On the Teacher Home page, click on UPDATE YOUR PROFILE.

  3. Make any changes to the name, address, password, email, etc.

  4. Click on the SAVE button to save the changes and return to Teacher Home page.

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